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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

postheadericon Save her Life

As Sam looks at the list of license plates numbers she is stunned into Silence as she realizes that one of those numbers belongs to her. She immediately goes into shock and is devastated that she could have been the one to hit Jake. Even I have to admit that Dante did a pretty good job at calming her down enough to make her realize that there were also 6 other people driving in that same area  and any of those 6 could have been the one to hit Jake. One bright spot during those scenes is that the Sam that I have grown to know and love was there and in full force. She didn't run away from this and try to lawyer up or flee the country. She didn't call Spinelli to have the portion of the footage that shows her car in the area deleted, she didn't make any excuses. Nope quite the contrary. She immediately requested the forensics team to check out her vehicle and sat there until the results came back even though Dante suggested that she go home (Dante clearly was not worried about Sam running). She stayed and she waited to hear either way what the verdict was. She was going to face the decision head on, and I have nothing but respect for her because of this. I do wish that she had been at the hospital with Jason but again I am very excited that this is an opening for them to have that talk. I had tucked away all hope for that talk and  locked it away in a vault that was never to be opened but it looks like I may have to go and find the combination for the vault after all because I think the chances are good right now. I think that the emotion on Jason's end is so raw and real right now that when he finds out that Sam was a suspect and didn't come to him but instead  waited to be investigated by the police he is going to be upset that she did not turn to him. However I do understand Sam's point of view completely. How can she look at the man she loves and tell him that she could have been the person to run over his son. Or hell lets say she didn't even tell him, how would she have been able to look him in the eyes while trying to comfort him and  keep this kind of  secret to herself? Oh and in case you all missed  this particular part she is eliminated from the suspect list so we can stop talking about her being listed please and thank you!

I don't know what the heck it is but Scrubs had me on the verge of tears again! They are seriously rocking all of their scenes! I was so happy when Robin finally decided that they had let Lisa run to much of their lives and were finally taking back their family by seriously trying to work it out. I love them as a family and was glad to see them get in the elevator together to go home and be with their daughter.

As Lucky stood outside of Jake's room I said to myself Holy Methuselah I was right! he admitted that he did not want his last memory of Jake to be of him hooked up to the machines on life support. Though I agree with him I also could agree with why Siobhan was advising him to go and say goodbye to his son. It is a heartbreaking decision all the way around. Lucky could regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't go and say goodbye to Jake. What I also am still on the fence about is Carly going to Jason for the transplant for Joss. I get it I really do but damn it if the timing doesn't suck! I know that this is a TV show and its all about drama but I am just so undecided on how I should feel about it. I completely get that time is of the essence for Joss but, Lucky, Liz, and Jason have not even had the chance to let the fact that their son is never coming back sink in, but yet here is Carly asking for his kidney. Then again if her daughter doesn't get the kidney there is a huge chance that she could die.You know sometimes I really hate the predicament that GH put me in. I am just not going to be able to give a definitive answer on who I agree with here,either way as Carly pleads wth Jason to help save her daughter, his God-daughter you could see the torment n Jason eyes. He knew that Joss needed the kidney but I don't think he knew how he was going to ask Liz to give the word to take their son off of Life support. You could tell as he walked up to Liz that Jason knew that this was life or death for Joss that he was not entirely comfortable with the idea. Not only that you could clearly see the devastation that he had to ask in the first place because in asking he was also admitting that his son was gone.

Now for this I had to start a new paragraph because I have a major, and I do mean major issue with what happened next. Now let me start by saying I could fully understand Liz slapping Jason for asking to donate Jake's organs so fast after his death because she hasn't had a chance to digest the news herself and of course she is a grieving mother. However when she formed her lips to say that Jason left her and Jake because he didn't want them anymore and never looked back. For roughly 20 minutes I lost all sympathy for her because I was just that pissed off. She clearly didn't understand that this is not about her and her feelings of abandonment! This was about saving another child's life. Just as she was praying for a miracle a few hours ago Carly and Jax and their family are praying for a miracle to keep Joss alive. How dare you make this about you! Not only that but I do seem to recall many, and I mean many conversations of the same crap about how Jason's life is to dangerous and that he needs to walk away from Jake and let Lucky raise the baby, and that Lucky will be a great father to Jake. She quickly forgot those conversations and made it about Jason leaving her. He didn't leave because he wanted to leave Jake! He left Jake because you asked him to over, and over, and over again! As far as Jason leaving you is concerned get over it! He didn't have to stay with you just because you are the mother of his son. What I was thankful for in this whole scenario is that Lucky was able to talk some sense into Liz and make her see that if they denied other parents Jake's organs then they were sentencing those parents to the same grief that they were going through, and Lucky would have been right as was evidence on Carly's face  when Jason told her that Liz refused to do the organ donation. Carly would have begged on her hands and knees and sold her soul to the Devil himself if it meant that Liz would sign the papers  and agree to give Jake's kidney to Joss. Good thing for Carly it didn't go that far as she soon found out when Liz and Lucky tearfully told her that they would donate one of Jake's kidneys to Joss so that she would live.

*Deep breathe* While I hesitate to say this because I understand that Kristina is a  pig headed selfish teenager that has a lot of growing up to do, I just cant hold this in any longer. So with that being said I say SHUT THE HELL UP YOU MANIPULATIVE LITTLE BITCH! you accuse Abby of taking advantage of Michael when you are playing on Abby's feelings for Michael and trying to force her out of his life. I am telling you this is going to backfire if she keeps on playing these little games, and she will have no one to blame but herself.

I have to commend Luke for telling Lucky what no one else either had the guts to say or knew how to say by telling Lucky that he would never get over the pain but instead would have to learn how to deal with it. He was right parents don't ever get over the pain of loosing a child. The pain may lesson after a while but it will never ever go away. It is something that they carry around with them always and it is something that Lucky is going to have to figure out how to live with in order to remain a good dad to Cameron, stay sober and continue working at the PCPD. He is going to have to find a way to cope, I cant wait to see how the rest of this unfolds and  how Lucky, Liz, Jason and the rest of Port Charles will cope with this loss.

It is clear that Jason is not going to cope very well as he was in a crumpled heap on the floor of Elizabeth's home as he held Jake's motorcycle and wept for the son that now will never get to know.

Before I go I know I didn't have any Side notes in this post but I do have a WTF moment of the day. That moment came at the very end when Jason went to Liz's house and knocked on the door. When no one answered he just let himself in with a key that he still seemed to have on his key ring no less....REALLY?! I have no more words for that, none at all.

I have to say that the whole cast is ricking their scenes but damn it if Johnathon Jackson did not own it today! he was completely on point! He has been a wonder to watch! He just continues to amazes me!

Really yours,


asiangal said...

Liz has selective memory doesn't she? And of course, she made it all about herself? her words to Jason "You chose to leave me" what a selfish bitch! yep, and right there, she showed that her past intentions were all about 'the package deal'. Hello! Jason was only with you because of Jake. If there was no Jake from the beginning, do you think he would have even tried to have a relationship with you? It was always about Jake. gah!

I can't stand Kristina except when she's with her family having 'family hang out time'. The less I see of her, the better!

My heart was totally breaking for Lucky, Jason and Carly. JJ, SB and LW rocked those scenes and gave it their all!

Awesome blog REALS.