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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

postheadericon Two Whispered Words

Monday started with another mother being torn apart by two words. "Its Cancer" How does someone react to that? How does a  mother process those words being the diagnosis for their child? I have to say that Carly and Jax both pulled at my heart strings. Carly when she asked the question "How do we fix her?" and Jax when he point blank stated that they were not going to be pumping toxins into their little girl. A choice that I can understand because chemotherapy is extremely difficult for an adult to handle. I can not fathom how anyone would expect a baby to be able to take it.

Lucky was still trying to be the last remaining voice of hope with Liz reminding her of all of those times that Jake had tried something crazy and could have been seriously hurt but always fought his way back. They smiled as they remembered their daredevil son as he flipped over the back porch rail after diving off of it with his tricycle. They reveled in those dangerous moments in the hopes that it would pull them from the brink just enough to keep their last glimmer of hope alive for the little boy that brought so much joy to their lives. I have to say that I was deeply moved by Steven who rarely ever shows much emotion at all but Scott Reeves brought his A game as he bartered with God to be more empathetic if only God would make Jake whole again.

As Patrick and Robin along with a few other staff members struggled in the OR room with Jake, you could see the pressure on their shoulders to come through. This had gone way past a job, this was personal. If you didn't know that before they went into the  OR you could clearly see it when the nurse in the OR could not even call the time of death because she was so grief stricken. There was not a dry eye in the operating room as  Patrick took a deep breath and took on the responsibility to go and tell Liz and Lucky that their son would no longer be scaring them with his dare devil antics any longer. That they would no longer be able to hold him or hear his voice. That as Patrick put it everything that made Jake Jake is no longer there. As Patrick tried to explain what happened to Liz and Lucky you could see that even he was broken, he could not even look them in the eye, and it got to a point where Robin had to finish explaining what happened because Patrick's emotions took over. Patrick and Robin Truly broke my heart today. Patrick in the OR as he threw all the instruments off the table and ripped off the sheet on the OR table allowing himself to dwell into the emotions that he felt for disappointing such a good friend, and Robin attempting to console him by just being there and holding him and reminding him that it wasn't his fault and that Jake was  beyond saving at that point. That scene nearly brought me to tears.

Jason looking on from the  Observatory room above the OR was also powerfully emotional. You could see him trying to will his son back to life, begging Jake to come back. During this hugely emotionally charged episode there was alot of silent communication between many characters and you could see a perfect example of that with Jason and Sam. As soon as she walked into the room and Jason felt her presence he immediately grasped her hand in his and looked into her eyes looking for some kind of hope. This situation however was something that neither one of them could control and was out of both of their hands, because at this point the situation was beyond bartering with the big man upstairs. The outcome had already been decided. We were all witness as Jason wondered the hospital corridor aimlessly after watching his son die on the operating table. The first person to see him was Lucky, and as if on cue Jason looked up at him and confirmed what Lucky already knew and whispered those two little words. "He's gone" those words cracked Lucky's exterior and sent him into sobs. He almost lost control until he looked up and realized that he still needed to tell Elizabeth that their baby was gone. As he walked past Jason and grabbed a hold of his jacket as Jason simultaneously grabbed his shoulder it was as if they were again communicating with no words and trying to find solace in knowing that the other loved that precious little boy more than life. As Lucky walked into the room where Liz was waiting she immediately backed up from him and as any mother would do she refused to believe Jake was gone and broke down into uncontrollable sobs, as she tried to push Lucky away from her, but eventually collapsed in his arms. Sam made a Beeline for Jason as she wrapped her arms around his masculine frame and caressed his face as he not only died on the inside but also came apart at the seems on the exterior. To throw salt in an already wide opened wound that may never heal, Carly found Jason on the roof top and  hits him with the news that Joss has cancer. Now I know that scene may be controversial to some  but I don't know if I can judge whether or not what Carly did was wrong by telling Jason that his son can save her daughter. I mean to be honest there is really no etiquette on when it is okay to ask a grieving mother or in this case father for the organs of their deceased child in order to save your own. I guess I can see both sides. There really is no right answer, it is not as if Joss has alot of time, time is of the essence, but at the same time Jake just died 10 minutes ago. *Insert Big Sigh here* There is no right answer.

Side Note: For that particular scene with Lucky Jason and Liz I have to say Johnathon and Steve Burton delivered beautifully! I am not saying that Rebecca did a bad job either but I would have liked more emotion from her. I would have liked to of seen her really loose it emotionally. Also I have to tell you that I just did not understand it when Sam left the observatory room and went into the hall. You would think that she would be right next to Jason every step of the way but that is not how they have written it. I touched on it in the blog post about Fridays show and you could kind of see more of it when Sam was talking to Dante at the station but I truly think we are going to have the Jake talk with Jason and Sam and it will cover the deception and the lies on Jason's part and why and how Sam was so out of control and lost that her erratic behavior led to watching Jake get kidnapped.

As Lucky made his way to go see his son who was existing solely on life support you could see that he was barely keeping it together. He was clinging to Siobhan for dear life and  when she told him he had to do this on his own and he went to the door but couldn't not walk in....and he turned to Siobhan and lost it....I almost lost it right along with him. his emotions were so raw and so real! As much as he wanted to say good bye to his little boy he did not want to his last image of his son to be  him being hooked up to Life support. That image would have tainted his memories of Jake.

Tracy tried her best to distract Luke from thinking the worse about Jake and what could happen but it was all in vain because as LuLu entered the haunted star If you didn't know it already you  know from that look alone that Jake was gone. Her expression spoke volumes. She looked as if someone had knocked the air out of her.

As far as Mondays show is concerned everyone did a really great job! Again I wish I would have gotten a  better emotional reaction from some but all in all the writing was great and the acting was even better!

Lets see if I can watch today's show and blog about that tonight too so I will be all caught up!

Really Yours,