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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

postheadericon Tragedy Stikes Twice

Okay guys I know I am behind because of my mini vacation however I am going to try my best to get caught up by Wednesday so stay with me as I give you my tid bits about what we are seeing on our screen. I have to say I really have to stop reading the updates before I watch the show so that I am not spoiled but I just can’t help myself!!!! Anyway...on with my synopsis of Fridays episode.

As GH started with the montage of all the people on the  road who could have possibly hit Jake I not only watched but listened to see if I heard anything out of the ordinary. They seemed to set up the list of people that could possibly have hit Jake so that no matter who did it, it is going to hit close to home. If it was Lisa or Robin one could argue that Johnny is also just as responsible as they are for causing them to drive erratically to participate in the wild goose chase for a syringe he should have turned over in the first place. Let’s not forget Jason is already pissed about the fact that Johnny was working with Theo and is the one who set up the car bomb that almost killed Sam, so if that wasn’t enough to sign Johnny's death certificate this surely is! On top of that with Robins Epic History with Jason and her friendship with Liz that would also be hurtful for her to have been the one to hit him. While at times Sonny and  Jason’s friendship can be strained it goes without saying that Jason would be crushed if he was the one to hit Jake, not only that you can say what you want about Sonny but he would be crushed and would never forgive himself if he killed his best friends child. Luke is Jakes grandfather so can you imagine how it would tear Lucky apart if Luke is the one to have hit and killed Jake? Also given how torn up Luke is about this already if he finds out he killed his grandchild I don’t think he or Lucky would recover from this. Moving on to Sam I just wish the writers didn’t even have her on the list as a possibility because hasn’t she been through enough with Jake and Liz? So let’s just say she was the one to hit Jake (and I am not saying she did!) I think I would just have a coronary and stop watching all together because I just wouldn’t be able to take it, and Jason...good grief Charlie brown he would be torn apart to not only know that his son was hit in a hit and run and left for dead but the fact that it was the Love of his life would be too much for Jason. I don’t think he would be able to get over it. Then we have on that list as well Theo/Suzanne which personally I don’t think they did it only because that doesn’t add any type of drama to this story line. Well let me take that back it would add a little sizzle but that's only because as much as the Balkan goes around complaining about Brenda killing his only son I think it would be ironic if he took someone else’s only son, and how he would feel if Stone Cold came after him wanting revenge. That is some food for thought; however I still don’t think that the car that Theo and Suzanne were in was the one that hit Jake. Now getting to The last driver that was on the road, Carly. I have to admit I was ready to rule Carly out immediately however, after I watched her scene in the car and listened to the sound her phone made when it hit the seat a few seconds I swore that I heard something after that, so being the detail oriented person that I am I re-winded the TV and turned up the volume, and listened as I heard the phone hit the front seat and then heard a second thud like something hitting the outside of the car. I screamed out loud and re wound the TV at least three more times, and I promise you I heard the SAME noise each and every time. So for those of you who don’t believe me go to your dvr's or to YouTube and rewatch Carly's scene as she is driving. Make sure you have the volume up while she is on the phone and listen for the first plunk when her phone hits the seat and then listen for the one after that. I personally think that Carly is the one who hit Jake which is going to be  a huge blow to Jason, and boy oh boy when Liz finds out it is going to be a crazy hot mess! However I can’t write what I want to write about it yet only because I am still behind in epi's so I have to keep it moving.

Side note: Can someone tell me how in the world Johnny went from Jason holding a cocked and loaded gun on him to Johnny then walking into his apartment to meet Robin and Lisa like that shit never happened (I think that was Thursdays episode)  and sending Robin and Lisa on this idiotic treasure hunt? Because I was at a total loss for how that happened and GH did NOT bother to give us any sort of explanation either.

When Luke busted into the doors of the Justice of the peace out of breathe and ready to stand in as the witness I was very proud of him. It shows how he has grown as a father and it also demonstrated the bond between Luke and Lucky and call me a sucker but I love to see the Spencer men together! I have to admit that there were only two funny spots in Friday’s episode and one of them was when The Justice of the peace could not pronounce Siobhan’s name and she corrected him about three times, and was getting increasingly frustrated every time he obliterated her name. Lucky rubbing her shoulder to me was hilarious, but it was interrupted by that call that no parent ever wants to get. The one where they find out that their child is in the hospital and the prognosis does not look good. I thought that Lucky calling Jason to let him know what was going on also showed how full circle he and Jason have come since the horrible SOS. He felt the need to contact Jason from one father to another and let him know that Jake was hurt and needed Jason at the hospital. He could have left Jason out of the loop but he didn’t, and that shows that Lucky is truly a stand up guy. When Luke, Siobhan and Lucky all raced out the elevator and  Lucky made a beeline for Liz my heart truly went out to the both of them because that is something that no parent should ever have to go through. In my opinion Rebecca Herbst was great in Friday’s episode. She was truly authentic; as she was trying to recap for Lucky what was going on you could tell that she was still trying to wrap her head around how this could happen to her son, and what she could have done to prevent it. She did whatever mother does when accidents happen to their children and they blame themselves and play the "What if" game. When in actually there is nothing that she could have done differently. I am not the biggest Liz fan (not by a long shot) but I can’t say she is at fault for this. Hell even I know toddlers can open the doors by themselves. I have a two year old nephew and it scares the  hell out of me that he can lock and unlock the doors, especially since he just locked me out of my father’s house on Sunday. Luckily my father was inside with him and opened the door but I could only imagine the panic I would go through if it was just him inside the house alone. To have to comprehend your child unlocking the door and going out into the dark street and being hit by a car, that is just incomprehensible to me. Lucky was perfection when he was trying to console Liz. I have to say trying only because in moments like this I don’t imagine that you can really console a mother, however he did everything that he could possibly do. When Lucky told Siobhan that he was glad that she was there I think that is the first time that I could really look at them and think of them as an actual couple. At that moment Lucky needed her and all that crap about her Visa didn’t matter to Siobhan because she was just going to be there for Lucky. He was her first and only concern at that very moment.  The closing scene with Liz and Lucky showed two parents who were on the verge on losing it but were trying to hold it together and trying to scrape together the last shred of hope that they had that their baby boy was going to make it. I found myself looking into Lucky's eyes in that montage where he was holding Liz as she tried to fold Jakes shirt and I was deeply moved by the depth of emotion that was there. I have to say that Jonathon Jackson truly rocked those scenes and Rebecca Herbst did a damn good job on Friday herself!

All I can say about Lisa is the jig is up you crazy heffa! I have to give her credit though. She was playing mind games from day one and even when she runs into Scrubs at the elevator she was still playing mind games, like she didn’t know exactly what damn syringe that Robin had in her possession. Newsflash Lisa you know good and damn well that was the syringe that you were trying to kill Robin with! Though I have been waiting for much too long for this crazy broad to be exposed as the psychotic maniac that she is...Alas she manages to escape due to the bigger emergency at hand which Jake is being brought in under critical condition. I am hoping against all hope that this scrubs sl with the psychotic ex girlfriend sl comes to a close because I am over it already, but hopefully it will be done with soon. I cannot fathom being in Robin and Patrick's shoes right now. They are in a very difficult position. Not that they are not always in a hard position especially knowing that they could be the difference between someone living or dying but this is just not a regular patient. Jake is like family. They have to look in Elizabeth’s eyes 5 days or more a week at work and know that they either saved her son, or that he did everything that they could and still lost him on the table in the OR. That has to be hard, and I do not envy them one bit.

When Jason cornered Robin to ask about Jake I don’t ever think I have seen Jason look that wrecked, ever! He was beyond worried, it’s like he knew that whatever happened no one was going to be the same. I did however love how Michael was there for Jason and tried to convince him to keep the faith by telling him that Jason and Michael survived brain injuries and severe head trauma and that Jake would too. I just love Michael when he is not being a spoiled hard headed brat. As Jason sat in the hospital and called Sam I don’t know if it is just me but he hesitated in actually telling Sam that he needed her and telling her exactly how bad Jake was hurt. It’s like he knew that deep down no matter how much he and Sam said they had moved on from what happened he still felt guilt for calling her down there to be there for him at this time even though his son was in critical condition. It’s like he knew that deep down Sam was still hurt about what happened and though she does not resent Jake she resents how Jake came about, and the events that led up to her finding out about Jake and the events there after. However I know and you know regardless of what happened Sam was going to go to the hospital and be there for Jason. She loves him to much not to be there. Oh and remember when I told you I don’t think I have ever seen Jason that wrecked, well I apparently lied because him sitting there crying in the  hospital as he waited for word on Jake and waited for Sam, THAT is the most wrecked I have ever seen Jason, and damnit it broke my heart. I am left to wonder how is Jason going to deal with losing his son in a car accident after he went to such great lengths to keep him safe by allowing Lucky to raise him only to have him yanked away by something that was still violent and had absolutely nothing to do with his business.

Side Note: Why in the blue hell does the picture of Jason on Sam's phone look like one of his many mug shots?! and yes this is the second funny moment of Friday’s episode to me.

Sometimes Love really isn’t enough and that was never truer than it is right now with Carly and Jax. You can see how much they love each other and how much they would do anything for each other, but if they would get out of the way and just try and not only see where the other is coming from but actively work to change those characteristics that thoroughly piss the other one off they would be together and happy. Instead they dig their feet in and continue with this tit for tat crap that gets them nowhere except on the road to divorce and family court. *Insert Heavy Sigh here* With all of that being said one thing I have to give them credit for is that they not only pulled together for baby Joss but Carly didn’t blame Jax for her being sick (before the doctor told them it could be cancer) She cuddled with the baby and soothed her daughter and just told Jax that he was a good father and that he takes good care of her. That is one of the things that I love about Carly and Jax is they will never say that the other is a bad parent because in all honesty neither of them are. They both love their kids but they neglect to see sometimes that their actions (like keeping people in their homes who were shot by people in the mob, and held them hostage, or have brothers that are homicidal maniacs who have already threatened their family) are not conducive to the type of environment a child needs to grow up in and learn how to be upstanding citizens of the law in. Carly’s reaction was a straight Mother bear reaction. When the Doctor came in and said that Joss could have cancer she was in shock but she was also borderline outraged. She was not trying to hear that her baby could possibly be sick, with cancer no less and to be honest I couldn’t blame her. She and Jax though immediately panicked refused to give in to that fear because they knew they needed to band together and be there for their daughter. I just love that about those two. I really hope that they can find their way back together and that Joss makes it through this okay.

I felt increasingly bad for Tracy today because she got hit with a double whammy. Not only is her step grandchild in the hospital hanging on by a thread but she finds out that Jake is a Quatermaine. A Quatermaine that no one knew about except for Liz, Lucky, and Jason. It has got to hurt to be left out of a child’s life only to find out about once that child is barely hanging on to life that that precious Angel is your own flesh and blood. You could tell in Tracy's face that she was heartbroken and had no words to accurately express how she felt.

All I can say is that Friday’s episode was powerfully emotional. Everyone did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to get to Monday's Episode to see what kind of emotional performances that brings! =)

Really yours,


asiangal said...

Great blog REALS!

That Johnny scene with Jason and then poof nothing was such bad editing!

Oh shit! now I have to go back and rewatch that Carly in the car scene! Dang! That would be a gigantic twist! The guilt that Carly would have to bear and what about Jason? We know he's gonna want revenge and this is going to tear him apart that it's his best friend (if it is Carly who is the driver)! oh shit oh shit! dang!

I can't wait for you to catch up to date with the episodes! LOL!

Elsa said...

Testing Testing...123!

Elsa said...

Love the blog reals, like AG said can't wait to see what you think of Monday's & today's show.

I agree that scene with Jason&Johnny was a total WTF thing...made no sense at all and they never even addressed what happened.

Not sure I want it to urn out to be Carly. I just don't know if I could take Jason's getting his heart broken that way...