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Thursday, March 24, 2011

postheadericon Never Look Back

Holy Mother of Pearl it was about damn time! It was about time that someone punched Johnny in his damn head! I totally get that he feels guilty over turning his back on his sister I really do, but why would he continuously protect that psycho Lisa and  refuse to listen to Robin, Patrick and Maxie ( a person that is supposed to be his friend) when they tell him that she is a psychotic nutt in a hutt?! Granted Patrick was wrong when he said that Lisa is the one who hit Jake and he does need to bear part of the responsibility for stepping out on his wife in the first place (BAD PATRICK!) but besides that Lisa has shown that she doesn't care who she threatens or hurts as long as she gets what she wants.For example Lisa has already tried to kill Robin not once but twice, she has also stolen Emma twice and boiled Emma's stuffed animal in a beaker! Johnny needs to understand that not every wounded animal can be saved, not only that but him "saving" Lisa or any other raging lunatic is not going to make him feel any better about shunning his sister.Yes, I have to say during this conversation I was most definitely hootin and hollerin for Patrick to beat the stuffing out of Johnny. Now with that being said I also need to say that I need both Patrick and Robin to get the hell off of their high horses. Yes Lisa is crazier than a bed bug but at the same time when Patrick cheated he exposed the cracks in their marriage that he and Robin chose to ignore. Robin was so caught up with this fantasy of Stone that she failed to realize that her constant reminiscing about the deceased love of her life made her husband feel less of a man. Who wants to play runner up to a dead man? That's not to say that Patrick had any right to cheat on Robin because he didn't but they both need to come out of this fantasy universe that their life was all rainbows and unicorns before Lisa entered the picture, because it wasn't.

What can I say about Luke,  All of that nonsense he was spouting to Carly about how she wasn't really at fault because she was worried about Joss and she wasn't paying attention to the road and that no one would blame her etc, etc...Your full of crap Luke! You said that to try and make yourself feel better because you know good and well that you could have just as easily be the person who hit Jake. (I still stand by my initial guess and say Carly hit him but I guess we will just have to see how it pans out). Luke was so eager to try and make Carly feel like she was the one that did it and it really got it under skin. I will say though that I was proud of Carly for the way she reacted. She was completely and totally distraught thinking that she was the person who caused her best friend to experience the worst pain in his life. She was absolutely horrified to think that she was the one who could have hit her best friends son. She owned the possibility that it could have been her, and she didn't make any excuses for it.

I will warn you in advance to gird your loins people because I am getting ready to go in on Lulu for the next 20 seconds that you read this blog.

What I want to know is where the hell was LuLu's loyalty when she left it to Dante to make the final decision that Michael needed to atone for his crimes? Where was LuLu's loyalty as she looked Carly straight in the eyes when she knew that Dante was an undercover cop and was trying to get Sonny sent to Jail? Where was LuLu's loyalty when she cornered Jason at Joss christening and demanded to know where Dante was? Where was LuLu's loyalty to Sonny when she knew there was a mole in his organization? Where was LuLu's loyalty then huh?! It seems that her loyalty shows up when its good and damn ready and that just isn't good enough. I am sorry LuLu but you don't know what the hell Loyalty is! I would have liked LuLu much better today if she was somewhere consoling Lucky or going to visit with Cam and Aiden.

Every time I think that I have never seen Jason look so lost, or forlorn Steve Burton delivers another brilliant performance and takes Jason to a place that is just so much past rock bottom its ridiculous. Jason just looked like utterly and completely decimated today. As he walked back into his PH to see Sam waiting for him even she knew that he was destroyed. Jason was describing his urge and desire to just forget about the pain and leave behind the place that had nothing but memories of the son that he would never know, but in spite of that blind numbing pain Jason still couldn't leave, he didn't want to leave Sam and cause her any pain. He in all of his pain made the conscious decision to stay with Sam, but though he did choose Sam he also needs the time to adjust to having this hole in his heart that was caused by the death of Jake. I was so happy to see Sam just be there and let Jason know that there was no handbook that said he had to grieve in any particular way, or say any particular thing. She didn't try to force anything but yet she was still there for him in every way that she could be, she allowed Jason to just cry and mourn. Another tender moment for me was Spinelli, though I was a little irked because yet again Jason and Sam were interrupted it was not all bad as we saw Spinelli hurt for the man that has been not only his protector but his big brother. We watched as a truly touching moment passed between Spin and Jason. I have to say I almost cried during their hug. I know there are some people who are angry with Sam for leaving Jason at the PH but I cant be upset with her. She did everything she was supposed to, she waited for him to come home and she gave him enough space to feel whatever he needs to feel but yet was supportive by just being there. She doesn't know exactly what to say because Jake is not her own son, and the circumstances surrounding Jake's existence is a loaded topic on its own so she has to tread lightly. We have to acknowledge that as close as Jason and Sam are they are also miles apart. There are so many things that have gone unanswered and un-talked about and this is not the time for them to rehash that bomb. Sam is doing everything she can including taking Spinelli out of the PH so that Jason can be alone with his thoughts and his feelings. I know that eventually Jason and Sam will come full circle and I for one cant wait to watch how it unfolds. You can already see that Jason is already rethinking some of the decisions or judgements that he has made. One of those was about Spins book, the very book that he did not want Spin to write is the same book that Jason just fully acknowledged its personal value to Spin by saying that he knows it means alot to him and to keep moving forward with the book as planned. I know it is a minute spec in the scheme of things but I am hoping that this is eluding to many more decisions that Jason has made that he now regrets. ( NOT disappoint me with this tptb lol)

As much as it was a tear jerking scene to watch I was glued to my TV when Carly walked through the door of the PH. She was tearing herself up inside and out and I have to tip my hat off to Laura Wright who is doing an AMAZING job at portraying Carly in this story line. As much as it hurt for her to say, as much as she wanted to probably run out the door and keep this one thing from Jason she knew that it would be better coming from her than anyone else. Carly knew that she had to tell her best friend face to face that she could have been the one to hit his son. Now I don't know about you, but personally I don't know how much Jason is going to be able to take before he has a mental breakdown. With all the pain he is already dealing with, this revelation from Carly has knocked him completely on his rear end. I am on pins and needles to see how this plays out tomorrow!

I cant leave you all without acknowledging that what Cameron said about his brother broke my heart. He is a child who doesn't know anything about death. What he does know is that he loves his little brother and wants him to come down from heaven and ride a pony with him. My heart breaks for that little boy

Really yours


Elsa said...

Awesome blog Reals! You have some really great points about today's show and I have to say that I agree with most of them.

I think Luke is trying to convince himself that he is not the one by convincing someone else that they did it.

I also 100% agree with you about Sam's reasons for leaving. She is probably the person who knows Jason the best. She knows when he needs a push to realize something but she also knows that there are somethings you can't push him to do. He will get to them on his time in his own way. That is what is so great about their relationship, their complete acceptance of each other.

I hope that the writers are heading for a good long in depth conversation between these two, but I just don't have any confidence in them doing it justice or giving it the time it deserves. But we will have to wait and see what (if anything) we get...

asiangal said...

Awesome blog!

I loved it to when Patrick threw the punch at Johnny! I was like hell yeah! I wish it had been Lisa and then have Johnny carry that guilt! But then, it would have caused guilt on Jason too because he let Johnny go and didn't shoot and kill him and I don't want that for Jason.

I was not upset about Sam leaving at all. I don't think it has anything to do with her guilt (I could be wrong). I see it more as she knew that she couldn't do more for Jason in that moment, and she saw the way Spin was so heartbroken as well, and knew that with Spin there trying to console Jason, it made things worse for Jason and she was doing her best to distract Spin with the book and got the excuse out that she will go over the book with him at the office to get him out of the PH because she knew that Spin would not have left on his own, and it would only compound Jason's grief with Spin there. She was the perfect girlfriend and friend at the same time.

LW totally rocked today and over the last few days. She and SB knocked their scenes out of the park. I felt all of Carly's anguish of thinking she could be the one who killed Jason's son. It was heartwrenching.