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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

postheadericon Well That was Embarrassing

I want you to know it took everything that I had in me not to FF through Lucky and Siobhan because they are absolutely killing me right now. I am so sorry to all of the  Lush fans but I have to say that I really wish this Lush sl was over already because to be quite honest I just cant take it anymore. She keeps fighting him about this green card marriage when we all knew she is just going to give in anyway. However I do have to admit that the dinner with the candlelit ambiance that she had created for lucky when he went to talk to liz was kind of romantic. Not to mention Siobhan  looked great in that green dress!

Sonny was really annoying me in the beginning of today's epi when he kept assuming that Theo was after him, but after I listened to his train of thought and  thought back to the scenes between the two of them I was even more annoyed because I had to admit that Sonny was right! This vendetta that Theo had with Brenda did initially start out for the sole purpose of avenging his son, but as soon as Brenda came back to PC and Theo was in the same room as Sonny, Theo's attention was drawn to Sonny like a moth to a flame. He couldn't resist not only taking his revenge on Brenda but also taking Sonny down as well. Theo got greedy and to me that is going to be his downfall in the end. The Balkan is just feeling himself just a little to much right now. He thinks that he has outsmarted everyone and that no one is worthy to be his adversary, however one thing he is not counting on is for Sonny to be selfless and voluntarily sacrifice his sanity and his well being by forcing himself back into that dark place just so he can get one step ahead of the balkan and find Brenda. One thing I have to point out though is when Sonny said Theo knew Brenda was under his protection I almost threw my remote at the television because that was one of the biggest loads of crap that I had heard today. Brenda was under Jason's protection. Brenda was staying with Jason, he was the one day in and day out making sure she was always going to have some protective detail while Sonny and Brenda decided that they wanted to go gallivanting off where ever the hell they felt like, as if there was no imminent danger lurking around the corner.

This has got to be some kind of record because today I was loving Brenda. She was on the verge of crying multiple times but not once did she falter and  show weakness in front of Theo. The eff you I am not telling you anything smile that Brenda gave Theo was priceless! I absolutely loved it. This was the Brenda that I loved so much in the 90's. When her assassin in training a.k.a jewels (at least I think that is his name) the waiter came in and  almost cut himself with the knife he flung out of his pocket I damn near rolled off of my bed in laughter! I really need him to not handle any sharp objects because he is a detriment not only to others but to himself lol. One thing that Pissed me off though is why would he not make sure the door is closed behind him completely after he entered into her room?! Clearly you know that she has been trying to convince you to help her escape why would you leave the  door open and possibly get yourself in trouble? And as if on cue Theo is standing behind the  door eaves dropping. All I could do was shake my head at the assassin in training, who I am pretty sure the Balkan is about to kill if he doesn't come clean about this little plan with Brenda.

I said this yesterday and I will say this again, for once can we get someone other than Jason, or Dante to solve the who did it and why mystery? Not only did Dante figure out that Theo really wants information from Brenda about the baby he is probably going to be the one who figures out that Suzanne is the Balkans wife and knows exactly what happened to the baby. I have a sneaking suspicion it is not the story that she keeps trying to get everyone to believe which is that Brenda miscarried and the baby is buried in Africa. I have this nagging feeling that Suzanne knows exactly where that baby is and that she may even visit him or have pictures of the baby but is hiding him from Theo because she knows he is a Grade A whack job, and she doesn't want him to ruin her grandson the way that he ruined her son. However that could all just be conjecture on my part so feel free to disregard all of that lol.

Side note...What the hell is the Balkans real name!? I know its not Theo but exactly what is it?

As much as Michael irked my last nerve yesterday with his stubbornness and his utter refusal to listen to reason he completely made up for it today in my opinion. He swatted away the assumptions that Abby jumped to about thinking he didn't want to be with her and that she wasn't good enough for him. He was completely open and honest with her about what he was feeling and why and admitted that he does want to take that next step with her but he is scared of acting out and hurting her. Abby in return responded to his insecurities that Michael had as well and it was just so refreshing to see them immediately clear the air instead of letting a misunderstanding linger between them for longer than it should. However the  mood was interrupted by Carly who even though she was very polite and nice to Abby (which was nice to see for once) she was a complete buzz kill. Its annoying to get interrupted when you are having a serious talk with your significant other, but it has got to be uncomfortable and embarrassing to get interrupted by your mom when you are having a conversation with your girlfriend about how much you want to make love to her....Akwaaarrrrdddddd lol.

Random thought....did anyone else think that the answer Abby gave to Michael after he finished telling her he did want to be with her but was scared at the possibility of physically hurting her sounded a hell of a lot like an answer that Sam would have given Jason about choosing to remain by his side?

Again I must apologize because Liz is not my favorite person, nope not by a  long shot so I will try to  not be so harsh towards her but if I do its because I just could not help it so here goes. I really wanted Nik to tell Liz to shut up and stop lying while  Liz stood in front of his face and told her all those lies about Brooklyn. Brooklyn has never just come out and been rude and spiteful to Liz, when provoked by Liz she has returned in kind but never has she been mean just because she felt like it. I think Nik knew that which is why he  just stood there and didn't say a word he just let her go on and on until Liz pulled the Aiden card, at which point  Nik kindly put her in her place and let her know that he knows that she does like brook and that Brooke damn sure doesn't like her but tough cookies because Brooke isn't going anywhere soon. Not just because Brooke works for him but because he wants Brooke there in his life. I have to admit I had a Jersey shore moment and did a fist pump when he said that and then promptly walked away from Liz. All and all it turned out to be a dad day for Liz because not only did Nik pretty much tell her to kick bricks, Lucky came by to tell her that he was going to marry Siobhan if her meeting about her visa didn't go well. Liz almost had a melt down at the nurses station lol. After she listed all the reasons that he shouldn't marry her and seeing that Lucky was not going to budge she did with him what she had attempted to do to Nik earlier and whipped out the Cameron and Jake card. I am pretty positive she was looking for different results with Lucky than she got with Nicky but she struck out again as Lucky pretty much told her that if it comes down to having to marry Siobhan to keep her in the country he is going to do it and that is just the bottom line. It may not seem this way but I am really trying to find an inkling of  sympathy for Liz.....Ah hell I just cant seem to muster any so I am moving on.

Random thought...Did anyone else think that Nik was looking mighty fine today other than me and Brooklyn?

Side note...Why did Liz feel the need to point out that a Green Card marriage is fraud. Last I thought Lucky was a police officer and I am pretty positive that before graduating the academy he had to know what the definition of fraud is.

As quickly as Dante showed up to Sonny's office to freshly broken glass and  filled Sonny and Jason in on the new revelation he figured out about Theo's motivation he was gone, and Sonny was sitting at his desk while Carly walked in initially wanting to talk to Michael but quickly changed gears upon seeing the state of mind that Sonny was in. What astounds me every time about these two is the fact that regardless what happens between them, or hard hard they fight each other, or how downright mean the words are that they say to each other are, when it counts they will always have each others backs. When the chips are down they will always be there to pick each other up seconds before they hit rock bottom. I know that Brenda is Sonny's end all be all as far as the Love of his life is concerned, but the devils advocate in me cant help but wonder if  Brenda gets Sonny as much as Carly does. I seriously question if Brenda would be able to pull Sonny about of his dangerous bouts of depression the way that Carly has on multiple occasions. I guess only time will tell on that one.

Side note....Who wants to take a bet that Carly being happy for Sonny and Brenda does not last long?

I know that Wyndemere is huge but my thing is what room was Brooke talking to herself in? Was it the library because I don't recall seeing it before. I also know it wasn't her room because there was no bed there. Either way I am digressing, Nik surprising Brooke while she was practicing her  "I wanna have sex with you so give it to me now" speech was hysterical! I just love how Brooke doesn't sugar coat it she tells it the way it is. It just so happened that the way she was feeling that moment was that she wanted to have crazy monkey sex with Nik that night and not a minute later lol. Can I say when Nik pulled her into a  kiss I was floored! that kiss was so hot it was ridiculous, and the way that they pulled each others clothes off and couldn't get enough of each other, sweet baby moses! I had to contain myself from rewinding it multiple times because I knew I had a post to write and didn't have time to keep rewinding but you can bet your little hineys that I will be watching that again...and again...and again before the day is over! I am definitely hoping to get some nookie afterglow on tomorrows episode.

Now I have to admit that at first I was a little disappointed by Jason and Sam today. However I was only disappointed because I read a spoiler that said that Jason was going to bring romance to Sam's hospital bed. Now I know spoilers are NOT set in stone but they do get your hopes up and I got kind of excited and felt a  little let down at first. At first glance I thought how in the hell is he bringing romance to her by watching a movie?! But after watching and re watching their scenes I had to smile and be happy because even in the short amount of time that they were on it was nothing but pure love between those two. The way that Jason cuddled up to Sam in that oh so small hospital bed and watched a movie that we all know he would never watch if given the choice shows just how much he really loves her. I know that a movie is a small gesture but if you look in his eyes when he was telling her that her being on the gurney is the worst thing that could have happened, you could still see the fear of losing her in his eyes. He is showing that he will do whatever Sam needs to keep from ever losing her again. Yes the movie was a small  gesture in comparison to what we personally may have asked for if Jason told us we could have anything that we wanted, but Sam already feels like she has everything that she will ever need from Jason. She loves him as is and  is perfectly content with snuggling and watching a movie with the man that she loves. All in all I thought that their scenes suited who they are as a couple perfectly!

As always cant wait to see what tomorrow hold in the land of GH.

Really Yours,

I really didn't have a favorite quote of the day but I did have a favorite moment of the day and that would most definitely be the Nookie sex scene! =)


asiangal said...

Great blog REALS!

I for one wasn't disappointed with Jasam at all! Love love the shoutout to their history. Remember the "Gone with the Wind" convo? Also, subtly in there when Jason said "I don't get it. They're staring at each other standing in the rain" That was a shoutout to their Rain Dance! I am a very very happy Jasam fan indeed! lol

Love what you said about CarSon. so true. I wonder about that myself about if Brenda does get Sonny the way Carly does.

JJ said...

You are in my head! I loved your new blog!

Reals said...

@JJ thanks babe!