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Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Welcome to what will soon be known as RealsGHCorner or RGHC for short. As you can see I am currently under construction but I will be happily blogging away soon! I just want to tell you all a little about myself, I am 27 and have been a  loyal fan of GH for about 16 years now (so I am not a spring chicken, but all spring chickens are welcome here!) The only times I have stopped watching GH is because I was working or in class and did not have DVR or just plain did not have the time to watch the show. Over a  year ago I joined a MB and am truly blessed to say I became friends with some of the most wonderful women I think I have ever met in my entire life. We email often and they have all become my some of my dearest friends. It still amazes me that the stepping stone for our friendship was a MB about GH but I have to say if for no other reason than the friendships I have forged with those ladies GH is and always will be near and dear to my heart.

In an effort to be completely honest I have to say I am a fan of GH first and foremost. I love the show and know that not one character can make or break the show. I will try my hardest to always write an impartial assessment of the days show, however I do have my favorites; Sam, Jason, (and by extension Jasam) Alexis, Diane, and Brooklyn are definitely tops on my list. However that is not to say that I cant or wont be objective to everyone else. With that said if you are a Dante lover I will tell you right now he grates my last good nerve sooooo proceed with caution because I may not be able to hide my contempt for him lol.

As you will soon see from the daily blogs about the episodes of GH I love to have fun and to laugh and can be very, very sarcastic. I want this to be a blog where people who read what I think about GH for that day will laugh and have fun with me. We may not agree but that is fine we don't have to simply because no one is going to agree on everything. I just ask that everyone is respectful of others opinions. If I see that someone is continuously commenting with the intent to starting a fight I will issue a warning, if the behavior persists I will ask you to leave the blog site. GH is a fictional show made for entertainment purposes and so is this blog. However I don't for see me having to warn anyone only because we are all adults and I am pretty confident that we will all be able to act as such.

Sincerely yours,
Reals =)


asiangal said...

I am so excited! I can't wait for your blogs on the show! You know that I'm a blog stalker! LOL!

Reals said...

is it bad to say that I am excited to bc I am seriously bursting with excitment about starting this blog AG =)

Elsa said...

Eeee! So happy to have another place to have fun and talk about GH!

Patty said...

hi honey I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!


Shawnta(Taye) said...


Reals said...

and what is that supposed to mean CW?!