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Monday, March 7, 2011

postheadericon One Way or the Next

Okay so keep in mind that I am still working out the kinks and trying to figure out how I am going to do these blog posts as far as sequencing so bear with me guys.

The show opened up with Carly and Shawn and though I was royally pissed off when it was revealed that Shawn was working with Theo (especially after seeing how great he was with Molly when she had her panic attack.) but slowly and surely I feel him easing back into my good graces. He and Carly have this dynamic that I cant quite put my finger on but I like it. I like the friendship that is forming between them. Now I cant say that I see any romantic chemistry, at least not yet but friendship wise I definitely see it! When Jason and Shawn were finally in the same room today did anyone else see the possibility of what could happen if they were to join forces? If Shawn and Jason were to work together they would be unstoppable! I am definitely digging the dynamic those two have going. You can see a respect forming between the two that I hope eventually turns into a friendship. Jason needs more friends other than Sonny. Sonny is to unstable and Spin, well you cant really consider him a friend. He is more like Jason's nephew or something, Lucky and Dante...they definitely don't fit into the friend category for Jason. So with the quick process of elimination my vote for Jason's new BFF is Shawn lol.

As far as Michael and  Jason's conversation today all I can say is Sweet baby Moses! If Michael should listen to anyone out of Sonny, Carly, or Jason it should be Jason. You could see the loss in Jason's eyes as he explained how much he had lost because of the business, and how the decisions that he made all those years ago still effect every single decision that he makes today. I think we all understand that Michael wants to make his own decisions and feel independent and not be babied anymore, and I applaud him for that. However if you want people to take you seriously you need to use your head and that is not what Michael is doing. He is to busy trying to prove to everyone that he is tough enough and reliable enough to be in the business. That he can be trusted to get things done. The reality of the matter is Michael isn't just trying to be in the business because he thinks that's the only thing he can do. He is trying to prove to Sonny that he is just as good as Dante. Michael was hurt when Sonny was going to give over the business to Dante but at the time no one knew that Dante was Sonny's son except for Kate, Olivia, and Jax. So Sonny handing over the business to him was not Sonny handing over the business to a son that he would be devastated to loose but to someone who he would have considered a close friend, and yes the loss would hurt but it would not be as excruciating. Carly, Sonny and Jason want Michael to be free of the mob and its addictive and lethal mentally. Even when Jason explained to Michael that the mob had cost him his own son you could see Michael was thrown for a  loop at the revelation that Jason had a son that no one knew about, and he remained mostly silent as Jason explained that the mob life was no place for a child and that he doesn't claim Jake to protect him. Jason explained that he didn't know if he would want kids either when he first started the mob but he now realizes that he does. Not only that but he wants Jake in his life and he wants more than anything to have more kids with Sam but because of the lifestyle that he chose he feels like he wont be able to do that. One would think that Michael would take heed to the warning but he was still undeterred. I definitely don't think he is comprehending the magnitude of what he is trying to do.

When they first were introducing the Balkan before we knew who he was, he was this character that should of had all of us peeing in our pants. He was supposed to be evil, lethal and maniacal, but now after watching him on our screens for what feels like forever I just cant take him seriously anymore! I mean yes he has this somewhat of a domineering presence about him, but other than that there is nothing. He is just not scaring me the way he should. When Suzanne and the Balkan were talking I kind of got the sense from her that she doesn't take him seriously anymore either.

Now as you will all soon see in the blog posts to come I am not a big fan of Brenda. I used to be! Boy did I used to love Brenda and VMG. Brenda could do no wrong to me! Even when she wore a wire and tried to trick Sonny into saying what he did and revealing the secrets of his business to her I still loved her. I guess that's the way it is when you have a favorite. With that being said, right now I can not stand her. In an attempt at full disclosure I have to say I have not  disliked her just recently but since she has been back on the canvas for this stint on GH I have not liked her at all, not even a little bit. So with that being said you might want to write this down on a calendar because I felt really bad for her today. She is in the cold wet forest and has no idea where she could possibly be or how to get to civilization. Then in the darkness she hears the search dogs barking and knows that they are getting closer and closer. If that doesn't scare the crap out of you I don't know what will!

Random thought...Even though we all knew that Brenda was going to be caught by Theo did anyone else think they could have added a bit more suspense to it by having her be missing maybe a few hours longer and being able to find her way to the highway or to a road where she saw what appeared to be headlights far off in the distance coming towards her, and in her excitement of being found she runs towards the lights in the distance only to be snatched off the road and back into the  dark woods by one of the Balkans henchman?

Anyway getting back to the Balkan and Brenda when he offered her a drink was I the only one who was saying "I wouldn't take that if I were you" I would rather die of thirst than take something to drink or eat from someone who is holding me captive. It was remarkable that Brenda was able to keep her cool calm demeanor during her exchange with the Balkan. Right now and for right now only I can say that I do not loathe Brenda's character. (However please make a  note that I reserve the right to change my mind at any given time about this statement!) As a final thought on Brenda and the Balkans scene today I really want off of this where is my grand son merry go round. I don't recall buying or more importantly asking for a ticket for this ride. If he really wanted answers wouldn't the big bad Balkan torture her or something? or threaten Sonny, or Robin? the people she cares about the most? Or here is a  thought since the Balkan is supposed to be this hugely powerful and influential being FIND HIM YOURSELF! All  of this back and forth about where is my grandson has got to stop, as it is rather annoying, and I am completely over it already.

What can I say about Abby and Sam other than I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt LOVE their friendship that they have forged. It is so genuine and I love it. I love to see Sam interacting with people outside of her family and Jason. I love how she confided in Abby about her baby dilemma and I love even more that Abby listened with such an open heart and mind and really felt bad for her friend. Part of me wishes that Sam would stop repeating that her and Jason's lives are not set up for kids because every time she says it, to me it is clear that she is trying to convince her self of that more than the person whom she is talking to. Not only that but every time she says it you can see the pain in her eyes from suppressing the longing desire of wanting to have a baby with Jason. It really breaks this little GH fans heart.

With these next characters let me start of by saying I really was utterly flabbergasted that Dante not only let Sonny stand in the same room with the ex hit man accused of helping to kidnap Brenda. As Sonny walked around the table and circled the ex hit man all I could do was laugh as the man craned his neck away from Sonny. Clearly he knew Sonny is crazy lol. When Dante went to get coffee and Mac was standing in the doorway my head dropped because I just knew without a shadow of a doubt that Mac was going to shut that little illegal interrogation down, didn't you?! Well clearly we were both wrong and I almost chocked on my water as straight laced by the book Mac knowingly turned his back and let Sonny deal with the Epic Fail of  Hit man. Finally at the PCPD alone with LuLu who was thoughtful enough to bring him dinner Dante has admitted what we all have seen for quite a long time now. What he has been fighting since finding out that Sonny was his dad. He finally admitted that there is a bond between him and Sonny that he can no longer ignore. In my opinion my personal jury is still out on whether LuLu genuinely felt happy for Dante about finding a common ground with Sonny or if she was just saying what she thought Dante wanted to hear. She has been so anti Sonny ever since he shot Dante that I am not 100% sold on her about face.

Random thought...Can we please stop letting Jason or Dante be the one to figure out the mystery of who dun it and why, its really starting to irk my nerve!

The Davis women are my favorite family ever they even beat out the Kane women in my opinion, but I do have a runner up to my favorite in the family category and that would be the Spencer's. I love them whether it is all of them together or just a  few of them in a scene. I love the chemistry with Luke and Lucky. It could be because Anthony Geary and JJ know each other so well that they have this knack for making it all look so genuine but whatever it is it works for me! I am one who sincerely hopes that Lucky heeds Luke's advise about proceeding with caution with this idea of a green card marriage with Siobhan. I have to ask this question, Am I the only one who does not like this green card marriage sl at all? Its only going to end one of two ways. 1. Siobhan and Lucky will fall in love and the marriage will be the real deal (at least for a while) or 2. Like all GH marriages someone is going to cheat on the other person, my money is on Siobhan cheating if they choose to go option 2.

Random Question...What in the world was Lucky talking about when he asked Luke where his three sisters were? That question seriously went right over my head.

What can I say about Mabby other than I think they are so cute together! Abby is so great with Michael she knows when something is wrong and she just listens. She doesn't lecture him but she lets him know what she thinks and why. When Abby refused Michael's help I caught myself smiling because you knew that even though she knew she needed help, she refused to take help from Michael in particular. To me it shows that she  likes Michael not for what he can do for her but instead  for the person that he really is. My only problem with Mabby is that someone really needs to teach the two of them the definition of friends because friends they are NOT lol. You do not make out with your friends the way that Mabby were making out in Kelly's.

As soon as Jason walked into the room Sam assumed that he was coming in to check up on her. However she soon realized that was not the case by watching his body movements and  observing the disturbed look at his face. I have to say I absolutely love these two. Jason went to Sam because he had so much on his mind about the conversation that he had with Michael and the incident that Michael had gotten into and his expanding desires to get involved with the mob. Instead of keeping everything bottled inside he went directly to the one person he can talk to about anything, and that person my friends is Sam.Stay with me because the good stuff doesn't stop there, not only did he talk about Micheal Jason acknowledged that Sam has given up alot to be with him. Instead of Sam saying yes she has or making him feel guilty she immediately stepped up and said she knowingly made her decisions to be with Jason and would not change it. That is what I call love. She knew the risks, she knew the danger, but at the end of the day still felt then and still feels now that Jason is worth it. Regardless of all the bad things that have happened between then and all the sacrifices that they had to make they ended up back with each other stronger and more loving than ever.

After watching Jason and  Sonny talk, scheme, and come to the wrong conclusion that the Balkan is after Sonny all I can say is it's about to go down! Sonny is about to shed blood all through out PC and he is not going to give a rats ass whose blood it is as long as it leads him to finding Brenda. To paraphrase what he said "I will tear this town apart brick by brick"  Whether he actually does it or not is yet to be seen but all I know is no one is safe until he finds where the Balkan has hidden Brenda.

That's all I have for today don't know whats going to happen tomorrow but I hope its good! =)

Really Yours,

Favorite Lines from today goes to Sonny and Dante;
Sonny to Dante as he takes off his jacket "I feel like coffee right now"
Dante "Let me get you some Ill be right back"


Patty said...

Sounds good sweetie

asiangal said...

I would totally love for a Jason/Shawn combo!
Get rid of Dante. Him working with Jason is just yucky! I second the motion for Shawn to work with Jason and I agree, they would be a FORCE to be reckoned with!

Yay to your first blog!! woohoo!!

Reals said...

thanks guys! =)