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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

postheadericon Right Under Your Nose

I know I said I was going to try and curb my Dante hate, and by all accounts I have done just that but I have to say that if Dante says "I am going to pretend I didnt hear that" one more time I think I am going to lose my damn mind. Sonny you and your stubborn ways are really really irking my nerve. The manhas help coming from every direction but yet and still he only sees what he wants to see. He is not looking at the big picture at all. I dont understand why he could not get that what Dante was saying as atleast having some validity to it. Do I think that Brenda knows where her baby is or if the baby is alive I have not decided, but until I have a clear cut yes or no I think it is most definitely possible that Brenda could have hidden the baby to keep the baby away from Mr Psychotic a.k.a Theo. For whatever reason Sonny sees it as walking away form a child instead of what it trully would be if it is true which would be portecting her child from the madness. Either way you want to slice it Dante knew he wasnt getting anywhere with Sonny so he went to his fallback when Sonny acts like a child and refuses to listen. He went to Jason.

As Theo was putting the screws to Jewels and dropping hints about guilt and comming clean Brenda was  introduced into the scene by being thrown into the room. The crazy part is I dont really know if she was actually being thrown into the room or if VMG tripped all I know is it was funny to me. As Theo questioned Brenda about Suzanne's presence in her life I kept thinking please Brenda just shut the hell up and dont give him any more ammunition. I know I am probably the odd ball out, but deep down I am routing for Suzanne to come out of this unscathed. Even though she has done some awful things and was in cahoots with this revenge plot against Brenda, but she did so as a greiving mother, not only that but I cant help but to route for the underdog. After that meager little interrogation that Theo gave Brenda about her whereabouts and left Brenda and Jewels alone, all it took was .25 seconds and that fool pulled out the knife and said it is time, the only thought that went through my head is that he is right, it is time. Time for someone to take that damn knife away from him! He is really going to hurt someone and the sad part is it will probably be himself.

I love Jason and all but I really need for him to stop yelling at Spin like that! It is uncalled for. I am glad that Sam was there to reel him back in because he might have possibly ripped the book apart in front of Spin, and we all know that would have just broken Spinelli's little heart. Either way thanks to Sam, Spin and  Jason came to an agreement that sent Spin away to go do some research in the cyberworld leaving Jason alone with Sam. It was beautiful to see how elated Jason was to be taking her home. It was even more beautiful the way that he doted on her when they walked in the PH. He was going to make sure he gave her everything she needed. It was absoloute perfection when Sam answered Jason that all she needed was him, followed by him flopping onto the couch next to her, affectionaly following her instructions that led him to have her legs across his lap and him wrapping his arms around her engaging her in a kiss. I wish their scenes were longer but alas TPTB played with my emotions because they know I will always come back for more Jason and Sam. Maybe its just me but I am glad that the  Dante and Jasons scene was short sweet and to the point. The reason for that is becasue when Spin burst through the doors with his information that he had on Theo it was a definitely a revelation to Jason as he realized that their link to Theo was right under their noses the entire time, but the best part about the whole ordeal was his bitch please face as the topic of their conversation (Suzanne) knocked on his door feining concern over missing Brenda knowing good and damn well she knew her crazy psychotic husband had Brenda captive somewhere. Oh and before I forget I was absoloutly elated by the fact that Spinelli and not Dante or Jason was the one to figure out that Suzanne was married to Theo.

Now we all know that I do like Shawn and Carly together I see some real potential there but when Jax walked into the room to find Carly and Shawn in his living room all I could think was  that business just picked up. Is it now abundantly clear that Jax took his balls from out of Carly's purse and then reattached them to his manhood again. I know I could very well be in the minority here but I have to side with Jax. Carly should not have tried to insert herself into the situation and  "help". As a mother she should never forget what happened to Michael because of Sonnys business and she should always strive to portect her remaining children so that they do not have to suffer the same way that Michael had to. I understand that she was only origianlly involved because shawn held a gun to her however after he left the first time when he came  back from manhattan she should have turned him away. My thing is Shawn chose not to go to Jasons home, a home that is protected and where Jason can protect him if the Balkans men were able to track him down, but instead he went to Carlys house. A home that if the Balkans men choose to attack they wont think twice about hurting Carly or her kids. Doesnt sound that the brightest idea at all does it? Carly could not possibly think that Jax was  going to just say well okay and leave well enough alone just becasue she says that she was trying to help find Brenda. Jax is worried about his kids (Morgan included) a hell of a  lot more than he is worried about Brenda. I get that Sonny is the father of her two kids and Jason is her BFF but come on how much does she expect Jax to take? What is she going to say if Josslyn gets hit by a stray bullet just because she is in the same 5 foot radius as Sonny? (DONT GET ANY IDEAS TPTB!) What the hell is she going to say? Is she going to say shes sorry? That she should have listened to Jax? I am sorry but that is not going to be good enough.  She needs to let her actions speak louder than her words and realize she is not a mob wife anymore. She is choosing to be involved at this point instead of putting the saftey of her kids first.You can count me as being Team Jax right now.

What can I say about this green card marriage sl. Insert *big sigh* here. I just cant get on board with this one. I mean I guess it leads to them falling in love with each other because with this green card marriage business you have to stay married for atleast one year or something to the effect but it is just...I just dont..hmmm...hell I just dont like it! I wish Lucky would listen to Luke when trying to find an alternate solution to this problem. Even Alexis is telling them its a bad idea but then again Alexis is a lawyer, but at the same time that doesnt really mean a hill of beans because Lucky is a cop and is still thinking about doing it. However, he is also a  Spencer which would be a reaason why he clearly doesnt give a damn about the ramifications if this should go bad.

Dear Johnny and Olivia can the two of you be any more awkward?! I was so glad when Johnny excused himself and walked away. However it didnt make any sense when Johnny made Lisa go to lunch with him just because Olivia and  Steve went. Okay well it did make sense becasue he was clearly a little jealous BUT the two of them have been broken up for how long now? Why is the little green eyed monster rearing its ugly head at this moment in particular? Any way in the short version is that Olivia and Steve bore me to tears. This next statement I am going to make I am only going to say once so pay close attention my firends, I do not like Olivia and Steve together....Thatisall lol. Skipping to the psychopath couple made in mental ward hell otherwise known as Johnny and Lisa, I am over there gross attraction that they have with each other. Its not sexy, not at all. Clearly I am not the only one who thought so because Maxies face said it all as she stood around the corner with Matt over hearing every little tidbit including the statement frm Lisa that Johnny is blackmailing her with the syringe that she was going to inject Robin with. I have to hand it to maxie I am suprised she didnt come out of hiding and take a swing at both Johnny and Lisa, Lisa for being a calculating, little liar, and Johnny for being a lying manipulative little backstabber.

 Jax is not playing any games this time, he went straight to Diane to get the custody agreement altered and I am loving it. What pissed me off is Sonny coming in and interrupting a conversation that he was not invited to. Whats even worse is Sonny having the audacity to tell Jax to stay away from him. Now as I paused the show I had to ponder to myself if Sonny realized that Jax is (for once) minding his own damn business. Not only that you dont barge into a conversation to tell someone to stay the hell away from  you who clearly doesnt give a damn what you do as long as you do it away from his (Jax's) kids. Sometimes I think the only way Sonny is going to get a clue is by buying one because I just done understand how Sonny can not understand Jax's desire to keep the kids safe.

Random thought....WTH ever happened to Morgan's adoption? Did Jax adopt him or not? or is this a dropped sl that we are supposed to have forgotten about?

Well I didnt get my nookie today so I damn well better get them tomorrow! ;)

Really Yours,

Favorite Lines of the day:

Diane to Jax "I will simply console myself by doubling my fee....Suprise!"
Johnny to Lisa "Stalking? I dont think that is a word you should be throwing around you living in a glass house and all"
Diane to Sonny "Theo Hoffman is an exceptional attorney. who knew he was going to be a psychopath!"


asiangal said...

I kind of tuned out throughout the Brenda/Theo scenes. LOL!

I love that Jason went off at Spin about the book. It's so in character of Jason who doesn't like his private life to be publicized and I love how Sam was able to reel him in. Just shows how much he loves, respects and adores Sam. I love the part where Sam said "Hey!" and he stopped his tirade right away and calmed down. Love the short Jasam scenes we have, and like you, wished they were longer. Love Jason's concern for Sam that she get her rest when Dante came knocking and the first thing he said to Dante was "Sam just got out of the hospital and she's sleeping" and with his hands' gesture indicating to Dante to keep his tone down so as to not disturb Sam. :)

Love your blog REALS! :)

Reals said...

Thanks AG =) Jason and Sam were great yesterday! I did love how he came running down the stairs in an attempt to quiet whoever was at the other side of the door. Sam was his main concern and it was grest!

Just wanted to let you know that the update for today is not going to be up until tomorrow because my sister is taking the computer with her today. She has school work that she needs to do and by the time she gets home its going to be really late so I am not going to post todays until tomorrow.

asiangal said...

No worries REALS. Thanks for letting this blog stalker know! lol!

Reals said...

@AG seeing that I was not happy with today or yesterdays GH I am not going to blog about them at all lol....