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Thursday, March 24, 2011

postheadericon Never Look Back

Holy Mother of Pearl it was about damn time! It was about time that someone punched Johnny in his damn head! I totally get that he feels guilty over turning his back on his sister I really do, but why would he continuously protect that psycho Lisa and  refuse to listen to Robin, Patrick and Maxie ( a person that is supposed to be his friend) when they tell him that she is a psychotic nutt in a hutt?! Granted Patrick was wrong when he said that Lisa is the one who hit Jake and he does need to bear part of the responsibility for stepping out on his wife in the first place (BAD PATRICK!) but besides that Lisa has shown that she doesn't care who she threatens or hurts as long as she gets what she wants.For example Lisa has already tried to kill Robin not once but twice, she has also stolen Emma twice and boiled Emma's stuffed animal in a beaker! Johnny needs to understand that not every wounded animal can be saved, not only that but him "saving" Lisa or any other raging lunatic is not going to make him feel any better about shunning his sister.Yes, I have to say during this conversation I was most definitely hootin and hollerin for Patrick to beat the stuffing out of Johnny. Now with that being said I also need to say that I need both Patrick and Robin to get the hell off of their high horses. Yes Lisa is crazier than a bed bug but at the same time when Patrick cheated he exposed the cracks in their marriage that he and Robin chose to ignore. Robin was so caught up with this fantasy of Stone that she failed to realize that her constant reminiscing about the deceased love of her life made her husband feel less of a man. Who wants to play runner up to a dead man? That's not to say that Patrick had any right to cheat on Robin because he didn't but they both need to come out of this fantasy universe that their life was all rainbows and unicorns before Lisa entered the picture, because it wasn't.

What can I say about Luke,  All of that nonsense he was spouting to Carly about how she wasn't really at fault because she was worried about Joss and she wasn't paying attention to the road and that no one would blame her etc, etc...Your full of crap Luke! You said that to try and make yourself feel better because you know good and well that you could have just as easily be the person who hit Jake. (I still stand by my initial guess and say Carly hit him but I guess we will just have to see how it pans out). Luke was so eager to try and make Carly feel like she was the one that did it and it really got it under skin. I will say though that I was proud of Carly for the way she reacted. She was completely and totally distraught thinking that she was the person who caused her best friend to experience the worst pain in his life. She was absolutely horrified to think that she was the one who could have hit her best friends son. She owned the possibility that it could have been her, and she didn't make any excuses for it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

postheadericon Save her Life

As Sam looks at the list of license plates numbers she is stunned into Silence as she realizes that one of those numbers belongs to her. She immediately goes into shock and is devastated that she could have been the one to hit Jake. Even I have to admit that Dante did a pretty good job at calming her down enough to make her realize that there were also 6 other people driving in that same area  and any of those 6 could have been the one to hit Jake. One bright spot during those scenes is that the Sam that I have grown to know and love was there and in full force. She didn't run away from this and try to lawyer up or flee the country. She didn't call Spinelli to have the portion of the footage that shows her car in the area deleted, she didn't make any excuses. Nope quite the contrary. She immediately requested the forensics team to check out her vehicle and sat there until the results came back even though Dante suggested that she go home (Dante clearly was not worried about Sam running). She stayed and she waited to hear either way what the verdict was. She was going to face the decision head on, and I have nothing but respect for her because of this. I do wish that she had been at the hospital with Jason but again I am very excited that this is an opening for them to have that talk. I had tucked away all hope for that talk and  locked it away in a vault that was never to be opened but it looks like I may have to go and find the combination for the vault after all because I think the chances are good right now. I think that the emotion on Jason's end is so raw and real right now that when he finds out that Sam was a suspect and didn't come to him but instead  waited to be investigated by the police he is going to be upset that she did not turn to him. However I do understand Sam's point of view completely. How can she look at the man she loves and tell him that she could have been the person to run over his son. Or hell lets say she didn't even tell him, how would she have been able to look him in the eyes while trying to comfort him and  keep this kind of  secret to herself? Oh and in case you all missed  this particular part she is eliminated from the suspect list so we can stop talking about her being listed please and thank you!

I don't know what the heck it is but Scrubs had me on the verge of tears again! They are seriously rocking all of their scenes! I was so happy when Robin finally decided that they had let Lisa run to much of their lives and were finally taking back their family by seriously trying to work it out. I love them as a family and was glad to see them get in the elevator together to go home and be with their daughter.

postheadericon Two Whispered Words

Monday started with another mother being torn apart by two words. "Its Cancer" How does someone react to that? How does a  mother process those words being the diagnosis for their child? I have to say that Carly and Jax both pulled at my heart strings. Carly when she asked the question "How do we fix her?" and Jax when he point blank stated that they were not going to be pumping toxins into their little girl. A choice that I can understand because chemotherapy is extremely difficult for an adult to handle. I can not fathom how anyone would expect a baby to be able to take it.

Lucky was still trying to be the last remaining voice of hope with Liz reminding her of all of those times that Jake had tried something crazy and could have been seriously hurt but always fought his way back. They smiled as they remembered their daredevil son as he flipped over the back porch rail after diving off of it with his tricycle. They reveled in those dangerous moments in the hopes that it would pull them from the brink just enough to keep their last glimmer of hope alive for the little boy that brought so much joy to their lives. I have to say that I was deeply moved by Steven who rarely ever shows much emotion at all but Scott Reeves brought his A game as he bartered with God to be more empathetic if only God would make Jake whole again.

As Patrick and Robin along with a few other staff members struggled in the OR room with Jake, you could see the pressure on their shoulders to come through. This had gone way past a job, this was personal. If you didn't know that before they went into the  OR you could clearly see it when the nurse in the OR could not even call the time of death because she was so grief stricken. There was not a dry eye in the operating room as  Patrick took a deep breath and took on the responsibility to go and tell Liz and Lucky that their son would no longer be scaring them with his dare devil antics any longer. That they would no longer be able to hold him or hear his voice. That as Patrick put it everything that made Jake Jake is no longer there. As Patrick tried to explain what happened to Liz and Lucky you could see that even he was broken, he could not even look them in the eye, and it got to a point where Robin had to finish explaining what happened because Patrick's emotions took over. Patrick and Robin Truly broke my heart today. Patrick in the OR as he threw all the instruments off the table and ripped off the sheet on the OR table allowing himself to dwell into the emotions that he felt for disappointing such a good friend, and Robin attempting to console him by just being there and holding him and reminding him that it wasn't his fault and that Jake was  beyond saving at that point. That scene nearly brought me to tears.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

postheadericon Tragedy Stikes Twice

Okay guys I know I am behind because of my mini vacation however I am going to try my best to get caught up by Wednesday so stay with me as I give you my tid bits about what we are seeing on our screen. I have to say I really have to stop reading the updates before I watch the show so that I am not spoiled but I just can’t help myself!!!! Anyway...on with my synopsis of Fridays episode.

As GH started with the montage of all the people on the  road who could have possibly hit Jake I not only watched but listened to see if I heard anything out of the ordinary. They seemed to set up the list of people that could possibly have hit Jake so that no matter who did it, it is going to hit close to home. If it was Lisa or Robin one could argue that Johnny is also just as responsible as they are for causing them to drive erratically to participate in the wild goose chase for a syringe he should have turned over in the first place. Let’s not forget Jason is already pissed about the fact that Johnny was working with Theo and is the one who set up the car bomb that almost killed Sam, so if that wasn’t enough to sign Johnny's death certificate this surely is! On top of that with Robins Epic History with Jason and her friendship with Liz that would also be hurtful for her to have been the one to hit him. While at times Sonny and  Jason’s friendship can be strained it goes without saying that Jason would be crushed if he was the one to hit Jake, not only that you can say what you want about Sonny but he would be crushed and would never forgive himself if he killed his best friends child. Luke is Jakes grandfather so can you imagine how it would tear Lucky apart if Luke is the one to have hit and killed Jake? Also given how torn up Luke is about this already if he finds out he killed his grandchild I don’t think he or Lucky would recover from this. Moving on to Sam I just wish the writers didn’t even have her on the list as a possibility because hasn’t she been through enough with Jake and Liz? So let’s just say she was the one to hit Jake (and I am not saying she did!) I think I would just have a coronary and stop watching all together because I just wouldn’t be able to take it, and Jason...good grief Charlie brown he would be torn apart to not only know that his son was hit in a hit and run and left for dead but the fact that it was the Love of his life would be too much for Jason. I don’t think he would be able to get over it. Then we have on that list as well Theo/Suzanne which personally I don’t think they did it only because that doesn’t add any type of drama to this story line. Well let me take that back it would add a little sizzle but that's only because as much as the Balkan goes around complaining about Brenda killing his only son I think it would be ironic if he took someone else’s only son, and how he would feel if Stone Cold came after him wanting revenge. That is some food for thought; however I still don’t think that the car that Theo and Suzanne were in was the one that hit Jake. Now getting to The last driver that was on the road, Carly. I have to admit I was ready to rule Carly out immediately however, after I watched her scene in the car and listened to the sound her phone made when it hit the seat a few seconds I swore that I heard something after that, so being the detail oriented person that I am I re-winded the TV and turned up the volume, and listened as I heard the phone hit the front seat and then heard a second thud like something hitting the outside of the car. I screamed out loud and re wound the TV at least three more times, and I promise you I heard the SAME noise each and every time. So for those of you who don’t believe me go to your dvr's or to YouTube and rewatch Carly's scene as she is driving. Make sure you have the volume up while she is on the phone and listen for the first plunk when her phone hits the seat and then listen for the one after that. I personally think that Carly is the one who hit Jake which is going to be  a huge blow to Jason, and boy oh boy when Liz finds out it is going to be a crazy hot mess! However I can’t write what I want to write about it yet only because I am still behind in epi's so I have to keep it moving.

Side note: Can someone tell me how in the world Johnny went from Jason holding a cocked and loaded gun on him to Johnny then walking into his apartment to meet Robin and Lisa like that shit never happened (I think that was Thursdays episode)  and sending Robin and Lisa on this idiotic treasure hunt? Because I was at a total loss for how that happened and GH did NOT bother to give us any sort of explanation either.

Monday, March 14, 2011

postheadericon No where to Hide

I have to tell you I didn't know what to expect with Michael and Abby's scene especially since this was going to be their first time being alone. That being said I have to say Michael was definitely going for it with Abby on the couch! I was shocked! I thought he would make out with her but I didn't think they were going to attempt to round the bases (and I mean all the bases) just that fast. The Sexual tension during dinner was so thick you would cut it with a knife! The way Micheal's face looked when he said he would give anything for a night in a real bed followed by Abby talking about the rainfall shower head fitting two people was probably the cutest awkward moments ever. The both of them could barely look each other in the eyes at those points. I just love these two as a couple because they are so shy and awkward around each other yet completely at ease with each other at the very same time, the two of them just fit together. I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed as they were making out after dinner, and watched with much anticipation as Michael's shirt came off *sigh* I thought they were going to get a  little further but then that nincompoop Kristina called and put a  halt to the cuteness that is Mabby. At the hospital when Kristina was giving Abby this tired as hell song and dance that if Abby really cared for Michael she would walk away from him I found myself really, and I mean reaaaalllly wanting Abby to backhand that twit. That one conversation showed the many differences between Kristina and Abby. Kristina tries to micromanage her brothers life and tells him what he should and shouldn't be doing and who he should and shouldn't be doing it with. Where as Abby listens to Michael and respects what he tells her. She doesn't always agree and has so far always let her opinion be known but she doesn't force what she wants on him. I for one cant wait to see more of them together!

Side note: The only thing that kind of threw me in the beginning scenes was Abby giving Michael wine...isn't he under 21? granted he is legal but not drinking age legal

In the beginning of the Episode I will admit I showed more excitement getting my wisdom teeth pulled than I did as I initially watched Sonny and Brenda Hospital scenes. I was initially bored to tears. I was aggravated with Sonny throwing accusations at Patrick and Robin about not fighting hard enough for Brenda. Keep in mind that I am not Robins biggest fan, but even I had to give my television the screw face at that remark. The reason being is because if it weren't for Robin, Sonny and  Brenda may never have gotten back together in the first place. Robin was a HUGE force in pushing Brenda back to him so for Sonny to even come out of his mouth and say that to Robin of all people, it was just in my opinioncompletely absurd. The part that drew me in with these two was the plea that Sonny gave to Brenda, now that moved me close to tears. I just love it when Sonny gets emotional! It could very well be because  Maurice Benard rocks those emotional scenes every time or it could be that I have a huge soft spot for Sonny stemming from his early S&B days, or it could very well be a mix of both but whatever it is I was riding shotgun in the car right along with Sonny during his emotional speech for the love of his wife to wake up.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

postheadericon Right Under Your Nose

I know I said I was going to try and curb my Dante hate, and by all accounts I have done just that but I have to say that if Dante says "I am going to pretend I didnt hear that" one more time I think I am going to lose my damn mind. Sonny you and your stubborn ways are really really irking my nerve. The manhas help coming from every direction but yet and still he only sees what he wants to see. He is not looking at the big picture at all. I dont understand why he could not get that what Dante was saying as atleast having some validity to it. Do I think that Brenda knows where her baby is or if the baby is alive I have not decided, but until I have a clear cut yes or no I think it is most definitely possible that Brenda could have hidden the baby to keep the baby away from Mr Psychotic a.k.a Theo. For whatever reason Sonny sees it as walking away form a child instead of what it trully would be if it is true which would be portecting her child from the madness. Either way you want to slice it Dante knew he wasnt getting anywhere with Sonny so he went to his fallback when Sonny acts like a child and refuses to listen. He went to Jason.

As Theo was putting the screws to Jewels and dropping hints about guilt and comming clean Brenda was  introduced into the scene by being thrown into the room. The crazy part is I dont really know if she was actually being thrown into the room or if VMG tripped all I know is it was funny to me. As Theo questioned Brenda about Suzanne's presence in her life I kept thinking please Brenda just shut the hell up and dont give him any more ammunition. I know I am probably the odd ball out, but deep down I am routing for Suzanne to come out of this unscathed. Even though she has done some awful things and was in cahoots with this revenge plot against Brenda, but she did so as a greiving mother, not only that but I cant help but to route for the underdog. After that meager little interrogation that Theo gave Brenda about her whereabouts and left Brenda and Jewels alone, all it took was .25 seconds and that fool pulled out the knife and said it is time, the only thought that went through my head is that he is right, it is time. Time for someone to take that damn knife away from him! He is really going to hurt someone and the sad part is it will probably be himself.

I love Jason and all but I really need for him to stop yelling at Spin like that! It is uncalled for. I am glad that Sam was there to reel him back in because he might have possibly ripped the book apart in front of Spin, and we all know that would have just broken Spinelli's little heart. Either way thanks to Sam, Spin and  Jason came to an agreement that sent Spin away to go do some research in the cyberworld leaving Jason alone with Sam. It was beautiful to see how elated Jason was to be taking her home. It was even more beautiful the way that he doted on her when they walked in the PH. He was going to make sure he gave her everything she needed. It was absoloute perfection when Sam answered Jason that all she needed was him, followed by him flopping onto the couch next to her, affectionaly following her instructions that led him to have her legs across his lap and him wrapping his arms around her engaging her in a kiss. I wish their scenes were longer but alas TPTB played with my emotions because they know I will always come back for more Jason and Sam. Maybe its just me but I am glad that the  Dante and Jasons scene was short sweet and to the point. The reason for that is becasue when Spin burst through the doors with his information that he had on Theo it was a definitely a revelation to Jason as he realized that their link to Theo was right under their noses the entire time, but the best part about the whole ordeal was his bitch please face as the topic of their conversation (Suzanne) knocked on his door feining concern over missing Brenda knowing good and damn well she knew her crazy psychotic husband had Brenda captive somewhere. Oh and before I forget I was absoloutly elated by the fact that Spinelli and not Dante or Jason was the one to figure out that Suzanne was married to Theo.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

postheadericon Well That was Embarrassing

I want you to know it took everything that I had in me not to FF through Lucky and Siobhan because they are absolutely killing me right now. I am so sorry to all of the  Lush fans but I have to say that I really wish this Lush sl was over already because to be quite honest I just cant take it anymore. She keeps fighting him about this green card marriage when we all knew she is just going to give in anyway. However I do have to admit that the dinner with the candlelit ambiance that she had created for lucky when he went to talk to liz was kind of romantic. Not to mention Siobhan  looked great in that green dress!

Sonny was really annoying me in the beginning of today's epi when he kept assuming that Theo was after him, but after I listened to his train of thought and  thought back to the scenes between the two of them I was even more annoyed because I had to admit that Sonny was right! This vendetta that Theo had with Brenda did initially start out for the sole purpose of avenging his son, but as soon as Brenda came back to PC and Theo was in the same room as Sonny, Theo's attention was drawn to Sonny like a moth to a flame. He couldn't resist not only taking his revenge on Brenda but also taking Sonny down as well. Theo got greedy and to me that is going to be his downfall in the end. The Balkan is just feeling himself just a little to much right now. He thinks that he has outsmarted everyone and that no one is worthy to be his adversary, however one thing he is not counting on is for Sonny to be selfless and voluntarily sacrifice his sanity and his well being by forcing himself back into that dark place just so he can get one step ahead of the balkan and find Brenda. One thing I have to point out though is when Sonny said Theo knew Brenda was under his protection I almost threw my remote at the television because that was one of the biggest loads of crap that I had heard today. Brenda was under Jason's protection. Brenda was staying with Jason, he was the one day in and day out making sure she was always going to have some protective detail while Sonny and Brenda decided that they wanted to go gallivanting off where ever the hell they felt like, as if there was no imminent danger lurking around the corner.

This has got to be some kind of record because today I was loving Brenda. She was on the verge of crying multiple times but not once did she falter and  show weakness in front of Theo. The eff you I am not telling you anything smile that Brenda gave Theo was priceless! I absolutely loved it. This was the Brenda that I loved so much in the 90's. When her assassin in training a.k.a jewels (at least I think that is his name) the waiter came in and  almost cut himself with the knife he flung out of his pocket I damn near rolled off of my bed in laughter! I really need him to not handle any sharp objects because he is a detriment not only to others but to himself lol. One thing that Pissed me off though is why would he not make sure the door is closed behind him completely after he entered into her room?! Clearly you know that she has been trying to convince you to help her escape why would you leave the  door open and possibly get yourself in trouble? And as if on cue Theo is standing behind the  door eaves dropping. All I could do was shake my head at the assassin in training, who I am pretty sure the Balkan is about to kill if he doesn't come clean about this little plan with Brenda.