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Monday, March 14, 2011

postheadericon No where to Hide

I have to tell you I didn't know what to expect with Michael and Abby's scene especially since this was going to be their first time being alone. That being said I have to say Michael was definitely going for it with Abby on the couch! I was shocked! I thought he would make out with her but I didn't think they were going to attempt to round the bases (and I mean all the bases) just that fast. The Sexual tension during dinner was so thick you would cut it with a knife! The way Micheal's face looked when he said he would give anything for a night in a real bed followed by Abby talking about the rainfall shower head fitting two people was probably the cutest awkward moments ever. The both of them could barely look each other in the eyes at those points. I just love these two as a couple because they are so shy and awkward around each other yet completely at ease with each other at the very same time, the two of them just fit together. I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed as they were making out after dinner, and watched with much anticipation as Michael's shirt came off *sigh* I thought they were going to get a  little further but then that nincompoop Kristina called and put a  halt to the cuteness that is Mabby. At the hospital when Kristina was giving Abby this tired as hell song and dance that if Abby really cared for Michael she would walk away from him I found myself really, and I mean reaaaalllly wanting Abby to backhand that twit. That one conversation showed the many differences between Kristina and Abby. Kristina tries to micromanage her brothers life and tells him what he should and shouldn't be doing and who he should and shouldn't be doing it with. Where as Abby listens to Michael and respects what he tells her. She doesn't always agree and has so far always let her opinion be known but she doesn't force what she wants on him. I for one cant wait to see more of them together!

Side note: The only thing that kind of threw me in the beginning scenes was Abby giving Michael wine...isn't he under 21? granted he is legal but not drinking age legal

In the beginning of the Episode I will admit I showed more excitement getting my wisdom teeth pulled than I did as I initially watched Sonny and Brenda Hospital scenes. I was initially bored to tears. I was aggravated with Sonny throwing accusations at Patrick and Robin about not fighting hard enough for Brenda. Keep in mind that I am not Robins biggest fan, but even I had to give my television the screw face at that remark. The reason being is because if it weren't for Robin, Sonny and  Brenda may never have gotten back together in the first place. Robin was a HUGE force in pushing Brenda back to him so for Sonny to even come out of his mouth and say that to Robin of all people, it was just in my opinioncompletely absurd. The part that drew me in with these two was the plea that Sonny gave to Brenda, now that moved me close to tears. I just love it when Sonny gets emotional! It could very well be because  Maurice Benard rocks those emotional scenes every time or it could be that I have a huge soft spot for Sonny stemming from his early S&B days, or it could very well be a mix of both but whatever it is I was riding shotgun in the car right along with Sonny during his emotional speech for the love of his wife to wake up.

I don't know how many times I have already said this or am going to say this in the future but Dante SHUT THE HELL UP! I am so tired of hearing about you having to do things by the book, and you having to call this in, and you think it should be done this way. Here's a  thought for you....if you want to do things by the book how about you NOT collaborate with the second in command for a crime syndicate you moron! Sorry I know I told you I was going to try and curb my Dante hate but he deserved that one! Jason told this fool not to call it in and to split up and to let him handle it but did Dante listen? Nope not a chance, and what did not listening get him? It got him a scolding from his boss who threatened to yank his badge. Way to go slugger!

What I really want to know more than anything is how did Ethan know the exact name of the Diamond that was in Luke's hot hand? I would be inclined to agree with Tracy on this because she most most accurate when she said the apple didn't fall far from that tree. Ethan and Luke together are such a comic relief to the show, then to add Maya and Tracy in the mix is doubly hilarious. I have noticed that Ethan and Maya's marriage is alot like Luke and  Tracy's except they are not in love (yet) and Maya isn't as cold as Tracy can be at times. The phrase opposites attract comes to mind because its blatantly clear that the Spencers and the Quatermaines are on two different sides of the spectrum but in my opinion they balance each other out, with just the right combination of thieving and pedigree. It definitely makes for an interesting relationship.

Carly surprised me for the better when she didnt hall ass out of the Metro Court to go barge down Abby's door and rescue Michael from Abby's clutches like Kristina requested (borderline demanded) *please feel free to insert a HUGE eye roll here*. Kristina just angers me. She complained to anyone that would listen during that whole Ethan Debacle (part I) about people not treating her as an adult and about making her own decisions but she turns around and treats Michael the exact same way that she hates/hated to be treated. I thought the  analogy that Carly made between her and Jason and Michael and Kristina's relationship was very interesting. I can see the parallels as I can see now Kristina is going to be a meddling screw up and Michael will have to come to her rescue...repeatedly. When Carly used Jason and Sam as an example of her past meddling ways I only found myself nodding in agreement. You see Carly tried every dirty trick in the book from emotional blackmail on Jason, to out right trying to pay off Sam and it all failed. She realized that Sam is not just a good fit for Jason but that she is most importantly the one that Jason needs above anything else in his life. I think she was trying to convince Kristina that Michael needs Abby as well. Clearly that fell on deaf ears since  Kristina went and got flip at the mouth with Abby later at the hospital, but I have to give Carly credit on this one. She honestly tried to get Kristina to leave Michael alone and let him make his own decisions. To bad Kristina didn't listen to a damn word Carly said.

I am still TeamJax however, with all of his yapping about Carly staying away from Sonny and Jason because of Morgan and Josslyn (which I do agree she needs to distance herself from them) he is forgetting about something. That something has a name, and its called Jerry. Where the hell was this concern about distancing your self when Jerry held all of those people hostage at the Metro Court, including your WIFE? where was all of this concern and talk of distancing yourself from danger when Jerry caused Alan to have a heart attack and subsequently die?!  Where was his concern for protecting his family from the danger then? As I seem to recall he covered Jerry's ass during that hostage crisis so Jerry didn't go to jail, which left Jerry free to collaborate with whackadoodle Claudia, followed by the Balkan. Do we see a pattern here? I certainly do. Its called your off the rocker brother is just as lethal as Jason and Sonny if not a  little more because he doesn't give a rats ass about anybody with the exception of you Jax, and baby Josslyn. I think it's crystal clear to everyone that he would just as well kill Carly and probably Morgan if he had to, or if given the chance. This is not to say that I don't think that Carly should not distance herself and that she should stop making excuses for Sonny, but Jax needs to stop with the hypocritical BS and get his own ducks in a row.

Lets take a  look at what the word neglect means. When I looked it up in the Merriam Webster Dictionary it has two definitions. The first is; to give little attention or respect to : disregard and the second is to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness. Now Spin apologized to Sam today and told her that he has neglected her. I think that neglect is not a strong enough word for what he did. He completely forgot Sam's existence and  acted like Brenda was the end all be all. He behaved in a despicable manner and rarely if ever acknowledged Sam or their business together because he was to busy mooning over Brenda like a love sick puppy. The reason why I was so irate about the way he treated Sam is because if it wasn't for Sam, Spinelli would have been back with his dear old Granny because Jason surely didn't want to keep him around. No one did other than Sam, and to treat her the way that he did just showed a complete and total lack of respect for her. Now with that being said I have since forgiven Spinelli for his transgressions but it took some time to get over my loathing of him after this Brenda return debacle. (However I can happily report that my love for Spinelli did return and is back in almost a full capacity.) When Jason busted through the doors of the Pent house demanding for Spin to get on the good foot and  find Theo the confused looks on Sam and Spins face spoke volumes. They both figured since Brenda was out of the woods they might as well leave well enough alone and just let the Balkan go. Jason however has no such plans. You see Jason was  going to protect Brenda to the best of his capabilities but the Balkan royally screwed up when he put Sam in the Limo and was stupid enough to think that her life was just that expendable. Jason is not going to rest until he gets his hands on Theo for trying to kill Sam. There will not be a place on this earth where the Balkan will be able to hide from Jason and Sonny. Together the two of them will not rest until they make the Balkan pay for what he did to the loves of their lives.

Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Really Yours,

Quote(s) of the day
Ethan: "Defending your niece out the goodness of your shrivel little heart"
Luke "Somewhere along the way your nagging has become endearing"